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About Adtiz

Adtiz specializes in retail store business to business digital signage cloud system. What we do best is by providing a cloud platform and service that enable the vendors and advertisers to manage their own ad campaigns without a hassle of a third party management team. It covers the instant transmission and broadcasting of digital advertisement which maybe in picture or video format to all proprietary digital signage systems coined the Adtizer.

How it works?

The Adtiz cloud system will automatically determine the advertisement charges and fees based on the advertisers’ parameter selection which is guided by your business trade area analysis. What that means, is that certain businesses have a certain gravity or pull towards certain customer traffic. For example, a barbershop will not advertise past a 20 mile radius, since customers will not be commuting all the way for a hair cut. So advertisers pick how far they want to send their ads to. The product is currently in the beta stage, and has a growing number of advertising agent sites that are currently connected with the Adtiz Cloud.

At the same time, you can become an advertising agent of the Adtiz network by clicking on the register for an Adtizer and request to be an advertising agent. Out team will evaluate your business traffic prior awarding your business a free Adtizer panel. You can start advertising for your own business on the Adtizer, at the same time generate revenue by allowing other advertisers that have different business types or industry than your business to send their ads to your panel. The Adtiz system automatically calculates the monetary payout for your business and we will send you a check for being a business agent. It's that simple. If you are looking to advertise, just login and submit an ad, you would not be charge until you have reviewed the charges and decide to submit the ad to your targeted audience.

The system is currently patent pending, and we welcome all feedback and participation of the system.