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About Adtiz

Adtiz specializes in retail store business to business digital signage cloud system. Our expertise is by providing a cloud platform and service that enables the vendors and advertisers to manage their own advertising campaigns. The transmission and broadcasting of the digital advertisement happens instantaneously. This is either a picture or video format via a proprietary digital signage system, Adtizer.

How it works?

The Adtiz cloud system will automatically determine the cost of advertisement based on the advertiser's selection. Upon registering with the Adtiz Cloud, the advertiser would then login to upload and digital advertisement, any image format advertisement; jpg, png, etc. The advertiser would then complete a simple questionnaire relating to the advertisement the advertiser is creating. Any advertisement created is coined an AdtizClip. While completing the questionnaire, the advertiser would need to decide how far does the AdtizClip need to travel. By picking on the distance of travel, your AdtizClip will travel to each respective proprietary digital signage device, termed as the Adtizer, and broadcast your submitted AdtizClip. The distance of an AdtizClip should be based on the advertiser's industry or business type, which affects how large your customer based is. For example, a barbershop will not advertise past a 20 mile radius, since customers will not be commuting all the way for a hair cut. So advertisers pick how far they want to send their AdtizClip to.

You can become an advertising agent of the Adtiz network by clicking on the register your business. Kindly contact us via the contact us form, to request to be an advertising agent. Our team will evaluate your business traffic prior awarding your business a free Adtizer panel. You can start advertising for your own business on the Adtizer, at the same time, generate revenue by allowing other advertisers that have different business types or industry than your business to send their AdtizClips to your business venue's Adtizer. The Adtiz cloud system automatically calculates the monetary payout for your business and we will send you a check for being a business agent. It's that simple. If you are looking to advertise, just login and submit an AdtizClip, you would not be charge until you have reviewed the charges and upon submission of your AdtizClip to your targeted audience.


Pricing for each AdtizClip submitted is calculated by the amount of Adtizers the AdtizClip is broadcasted to. For that reason, we encourage you, as advertiser, to actually create an AdtizClip quote which will provide you a final cost. You can then decide whether you would want to proceed with your marketing campaign, hence making a payment with a credit card. You will not get charged until you authorize the payment.